Documentation, Papers, and Publications

Here you will find documentation for our project, including our NSF grant proposals, the protocols used for our interviews, and some supplemental information about the legislative process.

The original NSF grant proposal, "Collaborative Research on Lobbying," from January 15, 1999 provides information on the theoretical background, the research questions, and the sampling and technical procedures used.

The second NSF grant proposal, "Lobbying and Issue-Definition," from January 15, 2001 which provides information on our accomplishments, plans for additional data collection as part of our continued work on this project for the next three years, and more theoretical justification for the study.

Our interview protocols, listing the exact questions we asked in our interviews.

A detailed description of the internet search procedures that our coders use when they conduct our searches for publicly available information concerning our cases.

Papers and publications drawn from our project or using its data:

Some of the material discussed in the case files refers to some obscure or technical legislative vocabulary. Two useful sources of help are some vocabulary of the legislative process and an overview of the legislative process, both of which come from the Library of Congress' Thomas website.

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