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>12/21/00 A New Option for Addressing Human Rights Violations

>12/13/00 Sneha Barot Joins CRLP

>12/7/00 Texas' Failure to Cover Medicaid Abortions for Low-Income Women Found Unconstitutional

>12/5/00 International Human Rights Day - Unequal Protection for Women's Reproductive Rights

>11/30/00 Maya Manian Joins CRLP

>11/30/00 Family Planning in Guatemala Falls Woefully Short

>11/17/00 CRLP Asks U.S. Supreme Court to Strike Anti-Abortion TRAP

>11/16/00 FGM Violates Women's Human Rights

>11/14/00 Julia Zajkowski Joins CRLP

>11/14/00 Sherrie Russell Brown Joins CRLP

>10/26/00 Tzili Mor Joins CRLP

>10/25/00 CRLP Announces New Federal Legislative Counsel

>10/2400 Global Gag Rule Dropped

>10/20/00 New Report Examines East Central Europe

>10/19/00 Indiana Medicaid Victory

>10/17/00 NAPIL Fellow to Focus on Young Women's Access to Abortion

>10/10/00 Fourth Circuit Stays South Carolina Decision

>10/6/00 Coburn Mifepristone Bill

>10/4/00 Supreme Court Hears Arguments in Ferguson v. City of Charleston

>10/4/00 Statement by Priscilla Smith: Lead Counsel in Ferguson v. City of Charleston

>10/2/00 Ninth Circuit to Hear Appeal in Arizona Fetal Tissue Case

>9/29/00 Ad Campaign to Abolish Global Gag Rule

>9/28/00 FDA Approves Mifepristone

>9/28/00 Latin American and Caribbean Day for Decriminalization of Abortion

>9/20/00 Melissa Upreti Joins CRLP

>9/13/00 Rosemary Dempsey Joins CRLP as DC Director

>9/12/00 Summary Judgment Hearing in Case Against Dept. of Defense

>9/11/00 Oral Argument in Ferguson v. City of Charleston Scheduled for October 4, 2000

>9/11/00 Statement of Priscilla Smith

>8/29/00 Louisiana 'Choose Life' Plates Blocked

>8/17/00 Louisiana 'Partial Birth Abortion' Ban Found Unconstitutional

>8/16/00 Fourth Circuit Rules Against South Carolina Abortion Providers

>8/9/00 Fourth Circuit Affirms District Court Judgment Blocking Virginia

>8/2/00 Louisiana's Restrictions Against Abortion Providers Permanently Blocked by Federal Court

>7/31/00 Lawsuit Filed Against Louisiana Law Creating 'Choose Life' License Plates

>7/28/00 Fourth Circuit Issues Order Blocking Virginia 'Partial-Birth Abortion' Law

>7/13/00 Congress Votes to Restrict Reproductive Health Care Overseas

>7/10/00 West Virginia Abortion Ban Found Unconstitutional

>7/5/00 Louisiana Prison Inmate Denied Right to an Abortion

>6/30/00 Female Genital Mutilation Opposed as a Violation of International Human Rights Law

>6/29/00 Supreme Court Directs Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals to Reconsider Abortion Ban Decisions

>6/28/00 U.S. Supreme Court Finds Abortion Bans Deceptive, Unconstitutional

>6/28/00 Statement of Dr. LeRoy Carhart on the Court Ruling

>6/21/00 Romanian Government to Present Women's Rights Record Before UN

>6/20/00 Women's Advocates Urge Congress to Bag the 'Gag Rule'

>6/15/00 Lithuanian Government to Present Women's Rights Record Before UN

>6/7/00 Reproductive Rights Advocates Call on U.N. Women's Conference to Do the Right Thing

>6/7/00 State Concedes to Block Florida Abortion Ban

>6/2/00 Florida Abortion Ban Blocked by Federal Court

>6/2/00 Reproductive Rights are Central to Women's Lives - Beijing +5

>6/2/00Maternity Patients Challenge South Carolina Police-Hospital Drug Testing Scheme in U.S. Supreme Court

>6/1/00 Arizona Must Fund Medically Necessary Abortions for Low-Income Women

>5/30/00 Florida Abortion Ban to be Reviewed by Federal Judge

>5/26/00 Florida Ban on Abortion Challenged in Federal Court

>5/19/00 Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals to Hear Arguments in Louisiana Abortion Liability Law

>5/18/00 Final Arguments to be Heard in Federal Court on Indiana Abortion Restrictions

>5/14/00 Mother's Day is an Opportunity to Acknowledge the Women of the World

>5/12/00 Florida Court Recognizes Young Womenís Right to Make Abortion Decisions Without Notifying Parents

>4/28/00 Hungary's Pending Law Restricting Abortion Will Be the Topic of an Open Forum Today

>4/25/00 Future of Women's Right To Choose Abortion Before U.S. Supreme Court:
Statement of Janet Benshoof, President of CRLP

>4/25/00 Supreme Court Hears Oral Arguments:
Statement of LeRoy Carhart, MD.

>3/29/00 Court Asked to Find Nebraska Abortion Ban Unconstitutional
Statement of LeRoy Carhart, M.D.

>3/29/00 CRLP Asks Supreme Court to Declare Nebraska Abortion Ban Unconstitutional

>3/22/00 State Court Limits Enforcement of Montana Abortion Ban

>3/15/00 Women Stand Up to the Religious Right

>3/14/00 Women's Human Rights Groups Win Major Victory for Women of Peru and Latin America

>3/9/00 Federal Court Blocks Michiganís Abortion Ban

>3/7/00 Womenís Rights Lawyer From Peru Wins Amnesty International Award

>3/6/00 Winning the Struggle for Reproductive Rights: Beijing +5 Years of Wins, Losses and Stalemates

>03/03/00- Arizona Court to Hear Medicaid-Funded Abortions Case

>3/01/00 Arizona TRAP Case Filed

>02/28/00 Nebraska asks U.S. Supreme Court to Gut the Right to Choose Abortion

>02/28/00 Supreme Court to Review CRLP Case of Pregnant Woman

>2/1/00 CRLP Challenges MI PBA in Federal Court

>01/20/00 Celebrating Choice: Reproductive Freedom Through Art, Politics and the Law

>1/14/00 Supreme Court Decides to Take CRLP's Case Challenging Nebraska's

>1/14/00 CRLP Petitions High Court to Take Wisconsin Case

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May 30, 2000

  Florida Abortion Ban to be Reviewed by Federal Judge

The Center for Reproductive Law and Policy (CRLP), which represents abortion providers in Florida, will present arguments before U.S. District Judge Joan A. Lenard on why Florida's "partial-birth abortion" ban, signed into law last Thursday by Governor Bush, is detrimental to women's health and should therefore be blocked from enforcement.

CRLP filed for an emergency order to block the ban from taking effect on Friday. It was denied by sitting federal judge Ursula Ungaro-Benages, who ordered both parties-CRLP and the state-to attend the Wednesday hearing to determine whether the ban would continue to be enforced.

CRLP asserts that the language in the law is so broad that it would prohibit abortion early in pregnancy - beginning as early as 11 weeks of pregnancy -- and subject doctors to criminal prosecution for providing the safest medical care. Additionally, the ban fails to contain adequate exceptions to protect women's life and health.

U.S. District Judge Donald L. Graham struck down a similar Florida law in 1998, criticizing its inadequate protection for the health and life of the woman. The penalties against physicians are harsher in the current law in comparison to the 1998 version, having been increased from third to second degree felony charges, subject to $10,000 fines and up to fifteen years in prison.

Currently the U.S. Supreme Court is considering the constitutionality of Nebraska's "partial-birth abortion" ban. CRLP represents Dr. Carhart, the physician who challenged the Nebraska law. At stake is the ability of states to restrict abortion before fetal viability without regard for women's health and safety. The Supreme Court decision, which is expected by early July, will determine whether Florida's ban is constitutional.

Plaintiffs in A Choice for Women v. Butterworth, the challenge to Florida's abortion ban, include A Choice for Women, Edward R. Watson, M.D., Presidential Women's Center, Michael Benjamin, M.D., and Bella Doe. They are represented by Janet Crepps and Suzanne Novak of the Center for Reproductive Law and Policy, and local cooperating counsel Louis M. Silber of West Palm Beach and Charlene Carres of Tallahassee.

For more information on abortion bans, including CRLP's case in the U.S. Supreme Court on Nebraska's abortion ban, see our special report.

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